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SAAF Bees was started by Sam, a beekeeper who quite simply loves bees. Going from being a hobbyist beekeeper thorough to a commercial operation SAAF Bees operation is now focused on the highly specialised service of removing live Honey Bees in a safe, environmentally friendly manner and rehoming them to a new permanent Hive.

We are always happy to give advice and teach people about these amazing creatures, and issue advice on how to prevent bees from returning.

Bee Safe

There are several dangers around removing Bees from undesirable locations such as roofs and chimneys, including hazards of working at Heights, exposure to foreign materials and the obvious sting risk. We take all these risks and address them so you don't have to. Keeping our team, you and the public safe in the process.

Live Honey Bee Removal Images

Live Honey Bee Removals

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