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Live Honey Bee Removals From Chimney

Whether you love bee's or don't, you probably don't want them as a house guest. SAAF Bees can safely and ethically relocate your house guests to a new Hive.

Chimney's are a perfect home for Honey Bees as its a warm, secure and dry location - high and out of the way of people. You may have previously been told by other beekeepers that they cannot be removed, but this is just not the case. SAAF Bees have a very specialised skill set to remove Bees from difficult places and even offer customers an opportunity to get up close and personal with the bees during the removal.

What makes us unique?

  • Environmentally friendly, no chemical contamination

  • Fixed quotes - our price does not change on the day and even if it roles into a 2 day removal the price is the price

  • ​We remove the Bees and the comb

  • Full report service of works carried out

  • Our Bees all get rehomed in to a new hive and looked after to ensure they survive, and we notify the owner of the hive number so you can order honey specifically from that hive if you want

Past videos of Chimney Removals

Past Photos of Chimney Removals

So How Does It Work?

1) You contact us


2) We come and carry out an initial inspection to confirm the species and requirements - please note we may carry out a virtual inspection using 'Google Street View' and a video call with you

3) We book a mutually convenient date (only during bee season end of March to end of September)

4) On the day we start dismantling the chimney, and then invite owners to come an observe if they would like, we use a few different techniques, but remove all of the bees and the comb during the day.

5) At the end of the day we powder the chimney and ensure it is watertight until repaired by a qualified roofer/builder.

Contact Us

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